Freelancers Union: 8 books that will improve your freelancing in 2019

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The women running for president are breaking the rules of branding

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A Failure to Act Against Climate Change Now Risks Lives

  By: Shannon Bugos, Communications and Writing Manager at Truman National Security Project and the editor-in-chief of the Doctrine Blog. Views expressed here are her own. Released the day following Thanksgiving, a… Read More

Under Trump, America Continues To Lose Credibility As A Leader, And An Economic Power

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I Hate To Hear People Say These Things

DISCLAIMER: I was guilty of this as well in the past! The midterm elections are over (except for a few close-race recounts), and I hear two things all the time on social and traditional media that… Read More

Midterm Election Results Saw Republicans Suffer Worst House Defeat In U.S. History Based On Popular Vote

BY GREG PRICEON 11/21/18 AT 9:50 AM Despite President Donald Trump’s claim of a tremendous victory in this month’s midterm elections, Democrats pulled off the biggest midterm victory in the country’s history by claiming… Read More

HOW Magazine: The Ultimate Guide To Gifts For Designers And Creatives

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Schmitt Collective Takes Part In Research Used In WaPo Op-Ed

Schmitt Collective is honored to be involved in some of the research behind this Op-Ed in today’s Washington Post from Adam Green, co-founder of The Progressive Change Campaign Committee… Read More

Trying To Hit A Moving Target Is Really Hard, But Not Impossible

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 2018 Facebook Rolls Out News Feed Algorithm Update to Disincentivize Controversial Content This is an interesting move from Facebook. In a long letter addressing Facebook’s progress in tackling… Read More

Hey Schmitt Collective, Where Are Your White Pages And Samples?

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