Schmitt Collective strives to make heroes EVERY day!

Schmitt Collective helps organizations harvest much more than profits! Using Project Management Institute Certified Project Managers, Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMasters, and timely marketing strategies, we plant the seeds of engagement, building positive results for our clients.

Schmitt Collective offers strategic planning and bold execution to organizations in the following areas:

And Activism

Growing engagement and fundraising within your budget.


Engaging alumni while increasing new and returning student enrollment.


Increasing visitor traffic, volunteer involvement, and donation amounts.


Differentiating how your product or service is superior compared to your competitors.

Or In-house

From strategy development to file creation, we partner seamlessly within your team.

Schmitt Collective achieves measurable results by unifying your message across multiple channels.

Direct Response
Catalogs & Collateral
Branding & Identity

From concept to a beautifully printed piece that tells your story. Schmitt Collective develops solutions that increase brand awareness and incite consumers to take action.

Social Media Management
Content Development
Data & Analytics

Your social media audience is hungry for information. Schmitt Collective offers social media strategies to feed their hunger and convert them into online brand advocates.

Email Marketing & Fundraising
Website Design & Development
Online Advertising

Having a website or blog isn’t enough to survive in today's digital environment. Schmitt Collective provides strategy, content, and execution of online campaigns that align with your marketing goals.

If you support one or more of the following, we should talk!

– Democracy for everyone –

– Affordable health care –

– Accessible higher education –

– Economic reform/Poverty alleviation –

– Comprehensive immigration reform –

– Environmental protections –

– Human rights/Racial equality –

– LGBTQ/Gender equality –

– Reproductive rights –

– Ending domestic abuse –

– Fact-based museums –

– B2B/B2C Philanthropy –

The people we help, those that
benefit from our work —
They are our inspiration.

The people working with us
on the issues, we care about —
They are our inspiration.

Family, friends, and mentors providing
motivation, education, and connections —
They are our inspiration.

We are grateful for these relationships
and we’d love to help your organization.

— Scott Schmitt, CAPM, CSM
Partner, Schmitt Collective, LLC.