“We’re losing our damn minds”: James Carville unloads on the Democratic Party

I totally agree with Carville here. Democrats need to ignore the bait that the GOP is chumming the election waters with and stick to the overall issues that affect most Americans. This election is about democrats retaining control of the… Read More

The women running for president are breaking the rules of branding

The most diverse field of presidential candidates ever is also pushing the color of campaign branding like never before. BY DEROY PERAZA American political campaign branding has been dominated by red, white, and blue for far too long. Yes, these… Read More

Midterm Election Results Saw Republicans Suffer Worst House Defeat In U.S. History Based On Popular Vote

BY GREG PRICEON 11/21/18 AT 9:50 AM Despite President Donald Trump’s claim of a tremendous victory in this month’s midterm elections, Democrats pulled off the biggest midterm victory in the country’s history by claiming… Read More