Hello World

Image of hello happy face.

If you’ve ever taken any coding class or are a website developer or blogger, you’re familiar with the “Hello World” statement.

You’re always instructed to type this and you’re finally on the internet where the whole world can see your profound statement.

Or not. Most. Likely. Not.

You think “Why? I just said hello to literally the whole World!” Yeah – you and millions of other people across the World.

We’ve learned that the internet is about the amplification of our message, but without a sound digital strategy that is relevant in both content and timing, your posts WILL BE overlooked or ignored.

One of my favorite designers, @brucemaudesign nailed it when he wrote in this Incomplete Manifesto for Growth (A must read for all designers btw)

“Avoid software. The problem with software is that everyone has it.”

Just because you have [SOFTWARE TITLE] doesn’t mean you are now a [POSITION]. Tools are only effective if you know how and when to use them!

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